The Patsacow Legend

How the Patsacow did not take over the world.

By James Rotherham

 One thousand years ago a beast, Patsacow, walked the land of one thousand legends. He had razor sharp teeth, six thousand of them in his humungous mouth. He looked like he had umbrellas for wings and scales like plates of armour. There was one problem, his father was a human.

 One Saturday the beast had a dream. A dream about taking over the world. He would have to defeat the roman empire and his Dad. So the next day he woke up and flew all the way to Mt Hocamtocua the centre of the Roman Empire and he destroyed all the people and all the village.

 The next night he said to himself “Now the time has come to kill my father because he is king”. When the sun rose he could not see anything except for his fathers bed, his father had disappeared. So he went to all the countries his dad would know, South America, China, Japan but he could not find him anywhere.

 Patsacows have super eyesight. When he was flying home he saw an amazing sight. He saw his father evolving in a water cave. He had started growing feet like a kyack, blading wings and a six metre long neck, he had magically changed into a Matsacower the most respected of magical creatures.

 The Patsacow was pleased that his father had changed into a Matsacow, they could now play hide and seek on Mondays, destroy the target on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays they played Dragon Hunter. After these games they were so tired that they had to relax for the rest of the week. All he really wanted was to play with his Dad.

 The end.

Down in the Mine!

We talked about the things we would want to learn about today and the suggestions were rock monsters (lego), rodents and computer games.

At one day school today I made a pool with a slide and a hideout. It is for Rock monsters! Little rock monsters can go into a little pool, big rock monsters can go into a big pool. The little Rock monsters can also go in the hideout but the big rock monsters can’t because they are too big. I made it out of boxes and cardboard tubes. You can put water in the pools and the rock monsters will float. Rocks don’t usually float but rock monsters do because they are living creatures.

I also did a play with two other people their names are Theo and Bella. It was about a rock monster winning a power crystal. It had to fight the mediumist power miner to get it. It took a long time. Theo was the rock monster, Bella was a flicking machine that can flick rock monsters and I was the Medium sized powerminer. It’s name was the Rock Destroyer. We made up our own things for the play.

Story by James, typed by Mum.

One Day School

At One Day School I made spy stuff. I made a spy phone, whip, cutter blade and a null void. My spy phone has numbers up to 30. If you press 2  two times a spy pad pops out. A spy pad is an i pod and a computer mixed together. Spies are  top secret. Spies go on missions. The spies names are Joe, Jakob, Sam, me, and Lotte. And the evil spy group’s names are Lockie, Amy, Meg and Phoenix. The lost spies are Joe and Sam. I am on a mission to find them. The evil spy’s  last name of them all is BIG ( Bad Independent Group) and the good spy group’s name is GIB (Government Independent Group)

my weekend

Today I went to my friend Jocelyns house. She is a nice lady. When I go over to her house I bring her flowers, she gives me lollies from her lolly jar. Me and Chloe went there today.

We played with her cat Simon, we also saw a mouse that Simon had killed. I took him home wrapped in a paper towel because he was cute. Mum was freaking out because she did not like mice, especially dead ones! I took him to Dad. Dad said “We should bury it.”

Story by James – typed by Mum.